Bring your business data together in a Word, PDF or CSV template. Create operational documents such as letters, orders, invoices, etc. Easy as 1,2,3!

Why choose Doxxy?

Doxxy is a quick, light, and plain document generation tool with an intuitive interface and at a low price setting.
The straightforward architecture makes it easy to install. No plug-in needed!
It is a pure PL/SQL solution with separation of templates and data. The template design is in MS Word (.docx) and can be provided by the business user. Only Word knowledge is required and all visual MS Word functionality is allowed.

Doxxy is developed to generate Docx, PDF, and CSV documents and is easy to integrate with any development tool that speaks PL/SQL.
The merge of data coming from your Oracle Database is a piece of cake with Doxxy. You have multiple layout possibilities for your data such as paragraphs, tables, lists, images, master-detail structures, etc.

Start merging now!

Request your Demo, and try it out on your own Database!